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Winner Bait Company  offers processed cut bait that is more convenient and safer to handle.  

Ideal for either saltwater inshore, structure, surf, and pier fishing or for catching catfish in your local ponds or creeks. 

The ready-to-use real baits are made by uniquely processing Shrimp, Squid, Sand Fleas, and Mullet, plus Chicken Livers and Hearts...making cut baits you can take to your favorite family fishing spot without all the mess or the fuss!  

Winner Bait is absolutely perfect for the family beach trip or for the fishing camp.

Bits of Winner Bait can also be used to add a long-lasting natural scent to artificial lures.

It's NOT standard dehydrated bait -- it is moist and pliable and far superior to frozen or synthetic products...


Catch Photos  


November 14, 2010

compliments of Drake S. of Leeds, AL

25 pound cat with Winner Bait Liver!!





May 2, 2011

“…ordered my bait today.  I got a sample from y’all last week.  I went fishing and used every type of bait I had {dip, dough, shrimp, chicken liver, cut shad—you name it – I tried it.}  I finally remembered I had that FREE SAMPLE of Mullet I got from y’all.  (With)in 45 minutes I had a 20 lb and 3 (three) 15 lb Blue Catfish, 4 snapped lines, and out of Winner Bait!!!  I tried everything else I had and didn’t get another bite.  I’m 45 years old and have been catfishing all my life and have never seen catfish bite like they did in that 45 minutes.  Thank you for your help and thank you, Winner Bait, for the fun of that 45 minutes.  When my bait comes in I can take my nephews fishing and hopefully they will have as much fun as I did.  Thanks Again.” --  Reno A. -- Wilburton, OK


August 26, 2010

"...this is probably the best bait I ever used.  I really like the way it stays on the hook.  Another great feature is no refrigeration needed.  Another really good feature is when I take the kids fishing I don't spend all my time baiting (their) hook.  You guys really knew what you were doing when you named it Winner Bait." -- Tony R. -- Clyde, TX


July 22, 2010

"I don't know what keeps the Winner Bait Chicken Liver on the hook, but I do know it stays much better than other baits I've tried.  I even use it on a single-panfish hook.  I'm using no weight and no float -- the channel catfish hit before the bait reaches the bottom. Want To Be A Winner?  Fish With A Winner Bait."  -- Johnnie Crain Outdoors -- Muscatine, IA  

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Order Now for the Cat'n Season
Order Now for the Cat'n Season