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About Winner Bait Company, LLC

Winner Bait Company began in Ocala, Florida in 2005 as B & E Winner Bait Manufacturing and Distribution. The distribution area was primarily in Florida with a bit of product sent to a few other southeastern states. In 2007 the company was restructured under new ownership and renamed Winner Bait Company, LLC. In 2009 Winner Bait Company consolidated to its base in Brandon, Mississippi, and began distributing to new markets.  It is a small, two-person company, working to grow the business with full integrity.  

Our Specialized Processing Technique was developed by a southern gentleman from the Great State of Alabama and is used to create what we market today as “Winner Bait, Bait that Works!!”  Winner Bait is “dead bait”, but not traditional dead bait. The specialized processing allows the dead bait to be displayed in stores without refrigeration. Though not having to refrigerate the product is a huge convenience, the best attribute is what happens to the fibers of the product when the processing occurs. The fibers tighten, making the baits much more durable than the same item would be if just thawed from frozen. Our Specialized Processing Technique is quite unique and Winner Bait Company is the only known company making available this type of bait. There are similar products available. Some are expensive synthetic blends, yet nothing compares to the ‘realness’ and ‘durability’ of Winner Bait.

The packaging was selected to maximize convenience and ease of transport.  It is vacuum sealed and enveloped. That allows for putting the bait inside a tackle box. Therefore, it eliminates needing another hand or a cooler to carry it. Plus, the product is not frozen -- avoiding the mess that usually results from thawing. This commitment to convenience and simplicity is at the core of our purpose. Other fishing products and fishing tips that simplify casual fishing will be made available as we can access them.  

Current processed items include Chunk Squid, Chunk Mullet, Shrimp, Sand Fleas, Chicken Hearts, and Chicken Livers. Other bait items we have made available in the past are Crawfish, Fiddler Crabs, and Finger Mullet.  

Winner Bait Company has supported several philanthropic groups promoting youth fishing education including the CCBA annual youth event in Citrus County Florida, and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Annual Katfishin’ Kids program in Madison County, Mississippi. A youth education fund has also been established for youth anglers participating in sponsored tournaments. A portion of internet sale proceeds is committed to selected youth anglers for post high school education needs. Winner Bait Company currently co-sponsors Darien Craig of Hayden, Alabama, as he fishes Junior Class bass tournaments throughout the south.  

Fishing:  Keep it Simple, Keep it Fun, Keep it Responsible, and Keep it Happening! 

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